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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sicko, Sex Literacy & A Brave New World

Michael Moore's Sicko raises an excellent point about the beginning of universal healthcare in England in the late 1940s. Having been destroyed by war, England realized that if it could create enough resources, when necessary, to kill en masse then it could, and should create enough resources to ensure that its people were healthy. Not some of them, all of them--and for good.

Being proactive about the health of the nation is perhaps the best strategy against terrorism and any other form of violence. Perhaps even more importantly, being proactive about the healthcare of the nation will open up new pathways to (sexual) freedom and liberty--the ideals we were supposed to have started with in the beginning. The U.S. is turning a new chapter in its history now. Once grounded in the ideal of "rugged individualism" we are becoming brave enough to act proactively rather than reactively to the world. We are not and cannot be rugged, reactive individualists any longer. Instead, we are becoming brave, proactive interconnecteds.

Our world will no longer allow our blatant disregard for the obvious--that all people and things are related. We are losing by leaps and bounds on the global stage due to countries who do take care of their most valuable assets--their human resources. As we create policies that kill our own people and others--like abstinence only sex education and PEPFAR--we also create policies that have declared war on the environment. We trash our own human resources the same way we trash the planet.

The U.S. is already seeing its interconnectedness with other peoples and nations and with the planet itself. In a brave new world where interconnectedness is a way of life, sexual literacy will be the norm. When we have universal healthcare in the U.S. and beyond the ability to promote sexual literacy for well being and pleasure will go hand in hand. We'll be able to prevent sexual harm and promote sexual pleasure in unforeseen ways. Soon, The U.S. Department of Sexual Literacy will be every bit as important as the Department of Homeland Security--they may in fact be related. And achieving universal healthcare is one major step in that direction.....we're almost there. We just need our voices to be heard.

Visit aarp.org and join the Divided We Fail campaign in addition to NSRC's campaign for sexual literacy sexliteracy.org !


  • My name is Linda, and I volunteer to be a teacher of the American Department of Sexual Healing!! My work is to bring about world peace through sexual healing, as practiced in the Arts. I'd LOVE love love to turn America on, sexually speaking, as a path to inspiring all who are willing, to help bring world peace. Sex is a path to the Mind of God. Sex is way better for us than war and violence. We Americans may well find ourselves in a similar position to post-war England, spiritually if not economically. In that case, we'd better pull together in teams and create a new world of compassion, art, sexuality, and human togetherness. I am willing to do my part! I go on vision quest to ask God her ideas on how I can help. I'd love to experiment with Teamwork in the Arts and also Tribal Sexuality to help this come about. If God feels this is a good idea. (Now WHERE are my Tribe and WHERE are my co-workers?)

    By Blogger Linda, at Thu Jul 26, 02:00:00 PM PDT  

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