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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dick in the boxs' got it in the bag

Bringing back visions of Color Me Badd circa 1991, I among millions of other viewers, delighted in the retro stylings of JT (that's Justin Timberlake, to those of us well past our boy band years) and that other guy in the wildly popular Saturday Night Live slow jam "Dick in a Box".

Apparently, the American public weren't the only people watching (and rewatching) this fine sketch. Today, it was announced that the song has been nominated for the prestigious Emmy award for "Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics".

To better understand why the Academy of Television Arts and Science would pick this song out of thousands, take a look at a sample of the brilliant lyrics below:

One you cut a hole in the box, two you put your junk in the box...

I dare you to name any other song that has more deserved an "Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics" Emmy nomintion!

And on a sexual literacy note, I want to applaud the Emmy committee for calling it like they see it. Rather than the predictable syntax copout, they went full force and included the full word, in all it's four letter glory. And I must say, "I want dick!". That is, I really want "Dick in the box" to win. I mean, seriously, that is some funny sh*t!


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