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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

alabama: we dare defend our rights

This morning we received an alarming email from our friends at the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Apparently, Operation Save America (the organizaiotn formerly known as Operation Rescue) is waging war on the women of Birmingham, Alabama.

They have brought a small army of hate-spewing followers to the two women's clinics currently operating in Birmingham.Their number one tactic: intimidation of clients and staff. Their objective: shut the clinics down. The bottom line: that Operation Save America believes that women should not have a say in how and what they do with their own bodies. Our response: Not on our watch!

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice is calling out to allies in the fight for reproductive justice to get down to Birmingham and join the ranks of people defending the clinics. One of the clinics has specifically asked for escorts who have gone through the RCRC Peaceful Presence training, however, I'm sure any volunteers are welcome.

Read more about it and find out how to volunteer on the RCRC site:


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