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Friday, July 27, 2007

gPod takes on iGasm: which gives bigger fireworks?

Remember the iGasm? Apparently, the idea is catching on world-wide. The Japanese have introduced the gPod - a more versatile and phallic version of the iGasm (iVibrator). We have previously reported that iGasm might not work with the iPhone. Well, the gPod will work with the iPhone, the Walkman, the RAZR, and every other device that produces sound and has a headphone port.

Now you can enjoy the soundwaves of your loved ones (or celebrities) not only audibly, but also orgasmicly. The gPod was introduced with much fanfare at the 2007 Adult Treasure Expo. We have no estimates if/when the gPod might be seen on the shelves of GoodVibes.

The rest goes here.


  • Man, cell phone users in Asia have it all! Not only can you divorce, GPS locate and buy a beer at a vending machine, now you can get off using your cell phone too! NO FAIR

    By Blogger Anna Rose, at Fri Jul 27, 12:36:00 PM PDT  

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