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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Love Airways Now Flying to Indonesia

When I was in Malaysia about four years ago, they had just passed a law that legalized divorce via SMS (text messaging). The news was splashed on the front page of all the English language rags.

This headline alerted me to a couple things a) the pervasiveness of cellphone technology in Asian society b) the need to establish an emergency "quickie divorce fund" when I returned home.

While we have been slow in pushing the boundaries of cell technology in the US, Asia has been embracing this technology for years. In addition to divorcing your spouse, you can also purchase a beer from a vending machine to celebrate your divorce, and than use your phone's handy built-in GPS function to help you find the way to the house of your new booty call.

And as if that is not enough, now Asia brings us Dr. Love, a Singaporean sexpert and “Nova”, his cyber alter ego. That’s right, Dr. Love is on a mission to educate Indonesians about sex, and the cell phone is his classroom! AWHFY?

It works like this: you anonymously text a sex question to Dr. Love and “Nova” will text you back an answer. The question will than get posted on Dr. Love’s website, loveairways.com to be shared with a whole community of curious online users. Talk about sex education 2.0.

Since we’re an organization dedicated to bringing comprehensive sexual education to the masses, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Love. Not only is he making sex ed accessible in a very sexually conservative society he is providing an example of how technology can be our greatest ally in the fight for sexual literacy.


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