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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

too hott to handle: the democratic nominee edition

Looks like Clinton supporters have already started gearing up for the Democratic debate on LGBT issues scheduled to air on MTV satellite channel, Logo, on August 9th.

Taryn Southerns' (of American Idol fame) new video has been getting a lot of play on Youtube and TV. "HOtt4Hill", a catchy little country ditty, shows a side of Clinton that we rarely see: a sexy, desirable, "hetero-questionable" side.

And though, I'm a little disappointed that we always have to "go there" with women politicians, it's not mean or neative and finally breaks free of the abrasive, combatative Hillary, that we've become used to seeing:

And folks, if you act know, we'll also include such new classics as elton john's "rocks off for barak" or phish's "you my bitch kucinich"


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