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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror! A Frameline Film

Alright people, it's time for the largest gay event of the year, the "Blue Party" in the desert, do you have your leather pants, tanning oil and elicit substances? Good! Did you reserve lodging? Well how about the Sahara Salvation Bed & Breakfast? At Sahara Salvation, Helen and her daughter Luella are your typical God loving mother-daughter team running the quaint "gay friendly" B&B in the hilariously campy horror flick "Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror". At this "slice of paradise" in the desert there seems to be a more horrifying experience awaiting the five couples staying this year. There's the reigning Mr. Leather and Alex, his drag queen boyfriend (played by gay porn star Michael Soldier who came to the premiere as his drag alter-ego "Precious Moments"), a yuppie gay couple with their older "fag hag" straight friend, a body paint creating lipstick lesbian couple, a singer/song writer and her tomboy girlfriend, and a sugar daddy with his boytoy in tow.

Normally I would mention the cinemagraphic quality of the film, but that queen Precious Moments decided to sit right in front of me with her flawless but overwhelming bloom of a hairdo. This campy, over-the-top horror production featured more hilarious one-liners than an episode of Last Comic Standing, with gems such as "boys will do boys," "We'll find you a nice boy to marry and convert to save from Satan," and the loving homage to Mommie Dearest, "NO MORE GIRLFRIENDS!" While the production value was low quality, this only added to the b-movie horror aspect of this raunchy, gorey and sexually exhilirating feature. The tongue-in-cheek portrayals of stereotypical gay couples only added hilarious moments but also offered a poignant review of misgivings towards and within the LGBT community.

Writer, director and actor, Jaymes Thompson, creates a thrilling but intentionally "so bad it's good" creature feature with a steady momentum, gripping death scenes, and brilliant frightening moments that leave you standing in your seat screaming, "run girl, run!" Keep a look out for "Gay Bed & Breakfast of Terror" as it was just picked up for theatrical release in September. In other exciting news, director Jaymes Thompson will be releasing a gay grindhouse double feature with another gay horror director!



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