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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Political Sex

We've all heard that David Paterson was sworn in as the first Black and first legally blind governor of New York on Monday following Elliott Spitzer's resignation due to revelations that he spent tons of money on "high class" prostitutes. On Tuesday, Governor Paterson held a press conference to discuss his and his wife's extramarital affairs (BOTH of their infidelities - and I hate that word) during a rough patch in their marriage. I don't know about you, but I feel like none of this is any of my business. Furthermore, I don't get why some politicians are forced into resignation (or at least feel they should resign) while others are able to weather the scandal and keep on trucking.

Let's review, shall we...according to Wikipedia the following are a few of the Sex Scandals that have rocked the political world since 2006:

Mark Foley, R-FL (2006) sent sexually explicit texts to pages RESIGNED
David Vitter, R-LA (2007) D.C. Madam client
Gavin Newsom, D-CA (2007) SF Mayor/affair with wife of campaign manager/former chief-of-staff
Bob Allen, R-FL (2007) soliciting a police officer in a men's room RESIGNED
Richard Curtis, R-WA (2007) blackmailed/outed by male prostitute RESIGNED
Larry Craig, R-ID (2007) duh!
Elliot Spitzer, D-NY (2008) NY Governor, "high class" hookers, yadda yadda yadda RESIGNED

So a few broke laws and maybe that 's what the deciding factor should be when we consider if resignation is in the best interest of the government, the individual, their family, and their constituents. On the other hand, I don't think that our government should be spending so much time and money enforcing prostitution and solicitation laws when the activities involve consenting adults. Isn't there a war or something going on? Not to mention all those folks on the Gulf Coast who still need a place to live.

Lastly, shouldn't all couples and individuals have the freedom to make choices in their sex lives without the input and scrutiny of the nation even when they are public figures? What if Elliott Spitzer had come forward and said that he had sex with a prostitute and his wife was cool with it before it hit the front page of the New York Times? If you admit your sexual indiscretions before the press gets hold of it are you somehow a better person?

I support David Paterson's decision to be honest. I just don't know if it was any of my business.


  • Many activities politicans engage in privately have no bearing on what they do publically. However, the willingness to involve themselves in the exploitation of others should concern their constituents.

    Is prostitution harmless? Because that appears to be the premise of this post.

    The average age at which a female enters sex-work is 13, and 87% of all sex workers would stop immediately if they could. How is this not exploitation?




    By Anonymous m Andrea, at Wed Apr 16, 08:28:00 PM PDT  

  • So the sexism on this blog is running about 1:4 and here's the thing I could use some help with.

    If men don't care that women have to tolerate sexist assholes, why should women care about men at all? What is your justification or excuse for women treating men with respect -- when that respect is so obviously not returned?

    You do realize that the only healthy response to never-ending sexism is HATRED, right? Because last time I checked, a battered women is told to dump the perpetual abuser. Forgiveness doesn't enter the equation until the abuse actually, yanno, stops.

    This magazine is supposed to be about healthy sexuality, and yet a significant percentage of the writers are sexist assholes. And the only appropiate reaction to that is scorn.

    By Anonymous m Andrea, at Wed Apr 16, 09:06:00 PM PDT  

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