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Monday, June 02, 2008

why is this mom sooo scared of sex ed?

Because teachers are giving kids the green light to shower together--and we're not talking after gym here!!!

Well, okay, JK, not really. Don't mean to alarm you.

But that is the scary message the National Abstinence Education Association is giving to parents. The group kicked off an email campaign, which aims to enlist one million people in its fight to throw out comprehensive sex ed programs from public schools in favor of abstinence-based curricula.

Meanwhile, almost all research on sex ed has shown that abstinence education is not effective in lowering rates of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

One thing's for sure: NAEA knows how to elicit our emotions. Its video may exaggerate and manipulate some information to get its point across. But with great camera work, some talented actors, and an amusing dialog, it's easy to get caught up in a story and forget about real-life facts.

I even found myself thinking "too much, too much" to the part about teens hiding condoms on their bodies.


  • This video is an updated depravity narrative designed to exacerbate parents' fears about adolescent sexuality. Back in the day, opponents of comprehensive sexuality education spread stories (unfounded) about a teacher performing oral sex on students so they'd know how to do it. It wasn't true but it worked because it was emotionally evocative - it stoked parental fears about their kids and sex. This video is just the same old thing in a shiny new package.

    By Anonymous glendenb, at Mon Jun 09, 03:23:00 PM PDT  

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