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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Top 5 Feminist Blogs

Feminism is alive! In the blogosphere! [cue kick ass orchestral music]

But seriously, there are tons of blogs out there that are fighting the good feminist fight. We'd love to be counted among such an esteemed group. But there are a few that are really setting the agenda, and we thought it'd be helpful for our readers to document them here. Add them to your rss feeds, bookmarks, and however else you get the content you crave.

  1. Feministing. This well-run community blog is the top of the pack when it comes to blogging feminism. They've got at least a few posts a day on the news of that day, well-connected and respected editors, and a refreshingly snarky perspective.
  2. BitchPhD. Also a healthy helping of the snark and a great header photo. She gives a feminist perspective on the news of the day, instead of just a feminist perspective on the feminism-related news of the day.
  3. Alas! A blog. (Hope I got that punctuation right.) Another blog run by a community of feminist authors from lots of other feminist blogs around the internets. The site is maintained on the professional site of a, *gasp*, man! He is the primary author, although not sure what percentage of his posts are baby blogging. His kids really are super cute, though.
  4. FireDogLake. I wasn't sure whether to describe this blog as a 'feminist' blog, since it was founded by a strong feminist I respect and deals with broader issues than just 'feminism' in the classic sense. But because of this post, I felt like FDL had to be added to this list. Though I'm not sure I agree with her entirely, but it's a welcome perspective to add to the discussion on how to best advance the feminist agenda.
  5. Feministe. Another community blog asking the tough ideological questions about feminism today. They also seem to have a focus on sexual violence and the anti-women parts of our culture that makes sexual assault, rape, and domestic violence possible. Personally, political bloggers who swear causes some chemical reaction in me so that I'm ready to fight the bad guys tooth and nail. Love that! And there's no shortage of vulgar red meat on Feministe.
Of course, we couldn't possibly detail all the great blogs that feminists are publishing. And if you think we're missing a serious feminist blog that should have made this list, write it in the comments.


  • You gotta add Pandagon which is mainly written by Amanda Marcotte and Pam Spaulding but has other semi-regular and guest bloggers. The blogs you list are excellent, especially Feministe and Feministing. It's worth mentioning that the last two, any way, regular link to Marcotte and Spaulding's posts. I read Pandagon first.

    By Blogger figleaf, at Sun Sep 30, 12:00:00 AM PDT  

  • Thanks Figleaf. It was hard to not include Pandagon in this group. I regularly read it too!

    By Blogger Isaac, at Tue Oct 02, 11:48:00 PM PDT  

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