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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


A sick hoax is working its way around the internet. MarryOurDaughters.com purports to advertise extremely young women - many under 18 - for men looking for a wife. For example, here's Kyra, age 14 1/2. Kyra's asking price is $27,995.

Kyra likes the outdoors, more the open air of the beach or the desert than the woods. She would love to live somewhere away from it all. She is bright and funny and full of life and while she has little direct experience with the opposite sex we have made sure she is aware of everything she needs to know to be a good wife and mother.

How do I know it's a hoax? The helpful folks at Museum of Hoax's have a pretty good analysis.

Is the site for real? Of course it isn't. Signs that it's a hoax (in addition to the general ridiculousness of it):

a) the google ads. It's always a sure sign of a hoax when a site claiming to be a legitimate business has to stick google ads on its page. Though in this case, the owner of the site isn't even earning any money from the ads because google is only serving up public service ads.

b) The creator of the site used an anonymous proxy service to register it.

I'm going to go with that instead of wasting ink on criticizing it. Because it's crazy. Like, really crazy. Don't you wonder how they determined the price?


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