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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Guiliani already taking heat from anti-choice, anti-gay groups

When you start a campaign for the Republican Presidential Nomination, you don't want articles to have headlines like: "[He's] 'not going to take your guns away and open an abortion clinic'"

But that's what Rudy Guliani is already dealing with on the Christian Broadcasting Network's news site. Tony Perkins, President of the influential Family Research Council, has also jumped into the fray.

"[M]ost pro-family Americans do not yet realize how far outside of the mainstream of conservative thought that Mayor Giuliani social views really are. Once people focus on this election and the candidates Giuliani's lead will diminish. If by some chance Giuliani were to gain the Republican nomination it would set up a very similar scenario that we had last November. A unenthusiastic Republican base which will suppress turnout and set up a Democratic victory."

Hotline has the scoop on Rudy.

He's pro-choice and pro-gay rights. So is a good chunk of the GOP's donor base, who fret mainly about taxes and government regulation...

Rudy Giulianiwill never get the endorsement of Tony Perkins, or James Dobson, or Richard Land, or Rod Parsley. Therefore, he won't have to pander to them, and he can focus his time and energy on finding Republicans who can vote for him.

It's too bad that these 'pro-family' groups are trying to squash the only candidate for the Republican nomination with good credentials on a woman's right to an abortion and gay rights.


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