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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday morning hypocrisy?

A story published at an awkward time - 9:13am on Sunday morning - for churchgoing Catholics and Christians chronicles a possible Vatican sex scandal. An excerpt from the article...

A Vatican official suspended after being caught on hidden camera making advances to a young man said in an interview published Sunday that he is not gay and was only pretending to be gay as part of his work...

The Vatican after acted Vatican officials recognized Stenico's office in the background of a television program on gay priests that was broadcast on Oct. 1 on La7, a private Italian TV network. Stenico was secretly filmed making advances to a young man and asserting that gay sex was not sinful.

Oh boy (sic), this is unfortunate for everyone. But, I have to say, there is something delicious for me when actively anti-gay people have to deal with gay scandals. Before you call me anti-Catholic, guess how I'd vote here.


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