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Friday, October 12, 2007

everyday terminations & a mother's plea

9 years ago today Matthew Shepherd was brutally beaten, his skull smashed in by the butt of the end of a gun, then savagely tied around a fence to rot slowly until his death 5 excruciatingly painful days later.

Today governor schwarzenegger vetoed, for the second time in two years, legislation that would have made same sex marriage legal in california.

Our governator claimed it should be left to the people of California to decide....which shows his complete lack of historical understanding--in 1967 over 90% of the population was dead set against granting interracial couples the right to marry when the Loving v. Virginia case finally made that possible.

That he chose to terminate this legislation today -- the anniversary of the largest sexuality based hate crime in history -- is unimaginable.

He could have heroically approved the legislation on National Coming Out day yesterday and instead chose to terminate it on a national day of cultural remembrance...

It is absolutely disrespectable to Matthew's memory--his family and all Americans. It just doesn't get much more evil than that.


  • Well-said!! It is truly sad that gays continue to suffer from crimes of hate and painful blows of exclusion from society. My eyes envision a future when LGBT people will be treated equally.

    By Anonymous Davina Kotulski, at Mon Oct 15, 11:19:00 AM PDT  

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