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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sex scandals happen everywhere

Mike Rogers of Blogactive, notes a delicious article in, yes, Forbes magazine. They are interested in sex at Forbes. Well, in sex scandals, to be precise. Forbes has an article and a slideshow to show that sex scandals happen all over the world. No, dear reader, if you thought that this was a uniquely American thing, you were mistaken. All over the world. You have to see it.

Of course, the backdrop of this article is formed by the Republican Party's problems with sex. Vitter, Foley and Craig. Let's not forget that Duke Cunningham, now in prison, was often part of sex parties too. And so, Rogers rightly notes, we can only assume that we are to believe that, really, all these sex scandals are alright, because they happen all over the world.

Except. . . the other guys aren't gay bashers like the Republicans are. That is the difference.


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