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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Larry Craig - Champion of Sexual Rights

As we continue to monitor the Larry Craig debacle, we are surprised to report that Idaho Senator is emerging as the unlikely Champion of Sexual Literacy and Rights.

ACLU has filed a court briefing in defense of Sen. Craig's attempt to be cleared of charges. However, ACLU's strategy is quite different from Craig's, who claims that nothing happened at all. ACLU strategy in lay terms is: "even if something was happening, so what?" Sex is a lawful act and solicitation of it should not be so easily punished. "Non-commercial sex can only be prosecuted if the state can prove that the sexual encounter being solicited would have occurred in a public, rather than private, setting." More importantly, sex solicitations are expressions of free speech.

What a great way to highlight the hypocrisy of this case - women get subtle and not so subtle sex solicitations at all times and in all places, and yet there is no wave of arrests of heterosexual men.

The fact that Senator Larry Craig might or might not be a gay or questioning man and that he has opposed sexual rights for others is a separate issue.


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