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Friday, August 24, 2007

Week's weird sexuality news

Every week we search the net for breaking news on sexuality. While we post some of the of the news on our homepage, many marginal stories fall by the wayside. We realize that our readers might be interested in these 0ff-beat stories, so here they are.

This week's Champions of Marginal Sexuality Stories include:

Dwarf's Penis Stuck in Vacuum Cleaner
- some very strong glue to blame.

Woman Sets Ex-Husband's Penis on Fire
- vodka and forced habitation to blame.

Camel Kills Woman While Trying to Have Sex - a very large and over-eager birthday present camel to blame

Man Robs a Bookie With a Vibrator
- drug habit and awesome acting skills are at work

Mattel Sues Porn Website Over Use of Barbie Name - well, porn sells and Barbies sell - someone put them together


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