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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Religious allies

With all the talk of the evangelical right and their followers hating on gays, reproductive rights, comprehensive sex-education, and pleasure, we can sometimes forget that we have religious allies in the fight for sexual literacy. Two articles this weekend that make this case:

  1. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America took steps to reduce the power of its bishops to discipline clergy based on their sexual preference. It's a great first step for the denomination.
  2. The Reform Movement of Judaism just endorsed a new blessing for transgendered Reform Jews making the transition. The Reform Movement already ordains gay and lesbian Rabbis.
It's always refreshing to hear the good news. Any other good news from the last few months that should be published here?


  • As a matter of fact, year after year, the faith communities most active in human rights for sexual minorities are actually the United Church of Christ, the Unitarians, and the Quakers.

    The advocacy efforts of these people of faith generate too much history to cover in such a small space.

    But I can speak from personal experience with a typical example. My local Quaker congregation is sponsoring my art exhibit; dramatic reading from "Song of Myself;" and lecture on the longstanding intersection between Quaker history and gay history at Portland's Q Center during October, 2007. Details forthcoming soon at:


    (We'd love to have visitors from California.)

    By Blogger gen1pic, at Tue Aug 21, 03:49:00 PM PDT  

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