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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

zero gravity: not the best eye cream

Forget all the easy cliches that come to mind upon hearing about Buzz Aldrin's recent foray into Joan Rivers territory, ("Gravity finally took its toll on the second man on the moon," "Beam my face up, Scotty." And thus my self-indulgence has been served...) The fact that a 77 year old married man (Aldrin has been happily hitched since 1988) felt the need to "rejuvenate" himself is somewhat telling of our current obsession with youth and the upkeep necessary to achieve it.

Once the sole providence of trophy wives stalling their husbands from running off with the next, best young thang, face lifts have (finally?) entered the male domain. The older male domain. You got to wonder why a man who's lived through the Korean war, is one of the world's premier rocket scientists, and - lest I mention - has taking a stroll on the moon, feels the need to lift his face up by the temples. I mean, I doubt his wife was about to leave him over some crows feet. But if she was, damn, I'd love to meet her.


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