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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wait... you don't stop having sex when you get old?

It seems fitting that aging and sexuality would be an appropriate topic for our 300th post. We're glad to have you with us in our golden years.

The New England Journal of Medicine (link to full article on NEJM website) recently published a study showing that sexagenarians and even septuagenarians are having sex at least twice a month. Excuse while I say... DUH! With health care keeping people healthier longer, it would seem to be a given that this would lead to longer sexual lives.

This is one of those taboos, however, that our youth obsessed culture would rather not talk about -- older people having sex lives. I'm going to venture a guess that the Digg, Reddit, and general blogosphere discussion about this study will include lots of comments like "Grossssss!", "Grandma, noooooo!", and "Wrinkles are nasty." I'd love to be proven wrong...

For what it matters, I'm glad that Mom and Dad / Grandma and Grandpa are doing it if it makes them happy. Sexual literacy really is for all stages of life.


  • amen! i have to admit that whenever my mom talked about having sex i'd be one of those naysayers..('eww', 'grody')

    But now i say 'you get your freak on mom!' And I am happy that I can share the same words of caution that she shared with me (though i'm not buying her condoms!)

    By Blogger Anna Rose, at Thu Aug 23, 12:02:00 PM PDT  

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