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Monday, August 13, 2007

Nigerian Men Arrested for Sodomy and Face Possible Death Sentence

BBC News reports that eighteen men have been arrested and held in Nigeria on sodomy charges. The men reportedly were at a hotel in Bauchi town to celebrate a "gay wedding" and were wearing women's clothes.

Bauchi State is governed by Islamic sharia law, which authorizes death by stoning as the punishment for sexual offenses such as sodomy and adultery. More than a dozen individuals have received death sentences for sexual offenses in recent years. Pressure from human rights groups has prevented these sentences from being carried out - some being thrown out on appeal and others reduced to prison sentences.

Local human rights networks in Nigeria are currently investigating the situation to obtain further information on exactly what happened and the profiles of the men arrested. We will post an update based on this investigation in the few days, including any solidarity actions recommended by Nigerian activists.

To learn more about sexuality in Africa, visit the African Sexuality Resource Centre website.


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