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Monday, July 02, 2007

vacuuming-the secret to marital bliss: ?

A new study unveiled by the Pew Research Center, shows America’s vastly changing attitude towards marriage. The survey asked 2,020 adults what they believe makes a marriage work. They cited: faithfulness, a happy sexual relationship and sharing housework as the number one, two and three essential attributes.

The researchers also noted a shift in the view towards children and marriage:

In perhaps the single most striking finding from the survey just 41% of Americans now say that children are ‘very important’ to a successful marriage, down sharply from the 65% who said this in a 1990 survey.

This survey shows me that America’s values reflect my values more than the mainstream media (and the administration) would lead me to believe. It seems most Americans:

a) no longer view married women as incubators
b) believe that good sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship
c) do not believe that men participating in household chores should be reserved to the realm of fantasy or the pages of "Porn for Women"

Coincidentally, in a totally unrelated study released earlier this year, the National Center for Health Statistics, shows that the divorce rate dropped from 4.7 per 1k in 1991 to 3.6 per 1k population in 2005.

Maybe vacuuming is 2007's answer to Dr. Phil?


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