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Friday, June 29, 2007

"Age of Love"? More Like "You Know it's Gonna be 20."

Age of Love,” NBC’s latest foray into screw-ball matchmaking, follows Mark Philippoussis, a 31-year-old professional tennis player from Melbourne, Australia, as he attempts to find true love among a group of 13 women ranging in age from 21 to 48 years-old.

One assumes that the show’s premise of “cougars versus kittens” is supposed to entice not only Philippoussis and, hopefully, a large audience, but butt-loads of unnecessary animosity between women as well. Isn’t it bad enough that all across America, single women over 30 are already having chest pains over there non-married status? Do we really need to drive home the point that unless you’re cellulite free with a neck pulled back as far as the dawn of time, men will not be as interested in you? Does any one out there really think that good ol’ Mark, who in an interview with People Magazine claimed “Age doesn't matter to me. All the women are beautiful,” is really going to pick one of the “older” women? Pu-lease.

Even sadder, though, then Philippoussis’ obvious, self indulgent, soon-to-be hypocritical piety, is the horrific act of purposefully pitting women against women. Watching the show, you have to wonder if the “kittens” realize that they too will one day be “cougars.” Or if they have yet to familiarize themselves with Karmic law. Cause heaven only knows when the implant pops, it’d better be saline. And what about the sad, desperate (their word, not mine) “cougars”? Have they forgotten all about they’re younger days of unabashed conceit? Judging by the amount of time (and presumable money) put into their appearances, they must have been somewhere on the obnoxious scale during their so-called heyday.

So forget about “cougars versus kittens.” The real question is, how are women supposed to fight the universe when they’re too busy fighting amongst themselves?


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