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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Study finds Americans a bunch of sex crazed druggies

Clue #69 that state mandated abstinence-only-education does not work: a study by the US National Center for Health Statistics found that a whopping 96% of Americans under 20 have taken part in some sort of sexual act (oral and anal included).

The report also managed to discredit the War on Drugs, concluding that 20 years after Nancy urged us to 'just say no!' 20% of adults have done the opposite and 'just said yes' to at least one street drug. Street drug meaning crack, coke, ice, crystal meth, PCP, LSD, and whatever craziness the kids are doing these days (not including pot).

There's only one possible deduction to be made from this study…American’s really love to party!

Oh yeah!


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