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Monday, June 04, 2007

cheney can't win

So, in case you missed it, Mary Cheney, aka 'Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter', had a baby last week. A preliminary google image search for “mary cheney baby” turns up a lot of nice glossy promo shots of grandpa (dick)/grandma (lynne)/baby (what’s his name) but not one pic of Mary and her partner with the baby.

Hmmm, can we say ‘damage control’?

In a classic case of , ‘you just can’t win’, the man who helped uphold the ban on gays in the military, is now on the receiving end of a moral spanking from both the Concerned Women of America and the Americans for Truth, or as I like to call them: the Americans Concerned about Truthiness:

Both organizations are apparently overjoyed that a white, conservative, global warming refuter, has been brought into this world, yet at the same time, horrified by the idea that lil’ cheney has two mommies.

In fact, as quoted below, the Concerned Women of America seem just completely befuddled by the whole situation:

How is it that Ms. Cheney’s lesbian partner has “[given] birth to a boy”? It is a biological impossibility for a homosexual “couple” to conceive a child without the assistance of a third party who is a member of the opposite sex.

Quick, anyone have a spare copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves to donate to the CWA?


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