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Thursday, May 24, 2007

How Young is too Young?

As transgender identities become increasingly acceptable in North America, new issues are constantly being revisited, or for many, visited for the first time. The latest “dilemma” to hit national airwaves, newspapers and magazines is how parents of potentially transgender children, even toddlers, deal with this pseudo-new phenomenon. So how young is too young when it comes to supporting your child in their gender reassignment? Recent reports on the subject have shown children as young as four, and even two and a half, as being both vocal and certain of their transgender identities. And many parents are behind their children 100 percent in their transition. But is the right way to go? Is their a difference, and if so, how can you tell, between a four year old girl who prefers baseball and trucks and a four year old girl who wants to stand at the urinal? Are parents acting too soon? Or are they not acting soon enough?


  • Maybe they are acting too fast...that seems a bit extreme.

    By Anonymous sir jorge, at Thu May 24, 08:32:00 PM PDT  

  • Kids are their own people. I don't see anything wrong with granting a young child's wishes as far as using a new pronoun or name for them, or letting them wear the types of clothing that makes them comfortable. When they are older (puberty is an important milestone for bodies) then they can make their own larger decisions. It would be up to the parents, however, to decide what they could afford as far as surgeries and if they wanted their child to pay for that themselves.

    By Blogger Phalligator, at Fri May 25, 09:09:00 AM PDT  

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