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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Guliani and the lack of courage around sexual literacy

We've already written a bit at the American Sexuality blog about Guiliani's nascent bid for the White House, and the unfortunate ringer he's going to go through as the only sane Republican Presidential candidate on sexual literacy issues. Well, here comes the firing squad. This time, it's from the straight talk express himself John McCain. The quote...

"He's well outside the mainstream of rank-and-file Republicans on this issue, not only as someone who is pro-abortion, but someone who has supported one of the most radical pro-abortion groups in the country," John Weaver, the McCain strategist, said in a telephone interview.

There is so little courage amongst Republicans to stand up for commonsense ways to reduce rates of teen pregnancy or policies that allow doctors to do everything in their power to protect women's health. And as younger people start to vote, donate, and volunteer, it'll driving the Republican Party off the proverbial cliff. See the data table to below from this Pew Foundation report. It's the generation gap on homosexuality that catches my eye, and I think it can be extrapolated to other values' voters issues like abortion.


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