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Monday, March 12, 2007

If it's pro-choice, pro-gay Giuliani, You can thank the Moral Brigade.

A post from the Director of the National Sexuality Resource Center, Gilbert Herdt.

What goes around comes around in politics, as in the marketing of morals. If commentator Mark Shields is correct, Rudolph Giuliani will be the Republican nominee in 2008. For decades, Shields said on NPR, the Republican candidate who has been ahead by 20 points this far in advance of the election usually wins the nomination. That may be one reason that Senator John McCain, who is championing the failing Bush Iraq war, and who has avidly courted the Extreme Christian Right, doesn't look very well. But if Giuliani gets it -- in spite of being married three times, having roomed with gay pals when his former wife kicked him out of Gracie Mansion for an affair with his current wife, and being on record in favor of abortion– the Moral brigade (e.g., Focus on the Family) has no one to blame but themselves. And they are not going to get sleazy Ann Coulter to call tough guy Rudy a faggot, either.

Giuliani, the hero of 9/11 who was right there when the Twin Towers came down, was the real Leader on a day when the President went missing. To reconstruct himself as a hero, Bush handlers fabricated WMD, and sold a disastrous war to a shell-shocked people. Giuliani wisely stayed out of what Frank Rich calls "the greatest story ever sold." Never mind that Rudy's son doesn't speak to him because of the messy divorce, or that he has New York morals; he never lied about Iraq. The Extreme Right Republicans are not happy with him, though, or with his alternative, Mormon Mitt Romney. Romney's credentials include large donations to anti-choice and anti-gay organizations, and one continuous wife and children who speak to him. To quote Ann Coulter: "He tricked liberals into voting for him. I like a guy who hoodwinks voters so easily." But Mitt isn't Bush, and this isn't 2000.

The Moral Brigade supported the election of Bush to get their anti-choice, abstinence only, anti-gay agenda enacted into law, not to mention lots of tax cuts passed for rich donors. Now they are stuck with a very unpopular President, and the worst disaster since Vietnam, and there is no candidate in sight who is moral enough to please them. The same Party that gave us sexual illiteracy of the worst kind in a century is now going to have to support a former mayor of the most Blue State liberal city in the US. How ironic that we may have the first election in a generation when candidates of both parties are pro-choice and pro-gay. The morality marketers have no one to blame but themselves, unless they believe in Divine providence.


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