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Monday, May 07, 2007

Gay execs reaching 'pink' ceiling

Interestingly, business in the United States has been more progressive than the Churches, government, or schools in terms of accepting gays. Many companies offer partner benefits and have internal workplace discrimination policies that prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation -- and all in the name of recruiting the best talent for the company's profit. An interesting aside: it was government enforcing laws before business adopted them when it came to African American's rights.

But it's not all so rosy. Gay executives are running into a 'pink ceiling' as they reach the top echelons of the corporate structure. Malcolm Lazin had some great quotes in this Reuters' piece.

"There still is a pink ceiling for openly gay executives," said Malcolm Lazin, executive director of Equality Forum, a group that promotes civil rights for gays.

If they make it that far, it's important to keep their sexuality under wraps to avoid the distraction it might cause for the board and investors. But all that's changing with a new generation of out and fighting gay execs.

"What you are seeing, is the next generation is unwilling to live in the closet," Lazin said. "Those capable young executives will choose only to go to these places where they believe meritocracy prevails."


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