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Friday, April 27, 2007

Now abstinence-only sex-ed favors heterosexual relationships

You may have heard about the efforts of a young lesbian couple in Okeechobee, Florida to form a Gay-Straight Alliance at their high school. After being denied the right to form a GSA by the school, they asked the ACLU to help them file a suit against the school.

The most recent news is that the Judge in the case ruled that the GSA can temporarily meet on school grounds and that the school district attorney cannot question witnesses' sexuality in the case. Phew!

That's not stopping school district attorney David Gibbs, however.

[S]chool district attorney David Gibbs says that...Florida law requires schools to teach abstinence, "while teaching the benefits of monogamous heterosexual marriage."
Great, as if abstinence-only sex education wasn't bad enough. Now it's also supposed to teach gay students that they don't have the same rights as their straight peers? For shame, David Gibbs.


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