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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Discussion on Federal Abortion Ban with pro-choice experts

Update 2: Here's the recording in MP3 format, as promised. Thanks so much to our wonderful panelists for participating in our discussion about the Federal Abortion Ban.

Update 1: Unfortunately, Dr. Autry will be unable to make the call. Instead, Dr. Eleanor Drey will join as the medical voice. She's the Medical Director at San Francisco General Hospital's Women's Options Center and an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Obstetrics at UCSF.

The National Sexuality Resource Center is sponsoring a conference call to discuss the latest Supreme Court decision on the Federal Abortion Ban. If you'd like to listen in, call in at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern to (605) 772-3434 and enter access code 396-467-297.

We will be discussing the implications of this court decision for pro-choice activism and the impact on the average woman. Here's who will be joining us:
  1. Amy Everitt, State Director, NARAL Pro-Choice California. NARAL Pro-Choice California provides resources and information for voters who want to support pro-choice legislation and elect pro-choice legislators.
  2. Joy O'Donnell, National Outreach Director for the National Sexuality Resource Center. A long-time activist on sexuality rights issues, Joy is one of the founding members of the NSRC.
  3. Amy M. Autry, MD with Physicians with Reproductive Health and Choice. Dr. Autry is an clinical professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at University of California San Francisco.
  4. Amy Moy, Associate VP of Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood Golden Gate. Planned Parenthood Golden Gate is committed to delivering the highest quality reproductive health care, teaching responsible and age-appropriate sexuality education and working to protect a woman's right to choose.

If you have a specific question you'd like answer, post it in a comment on this blog post before or during the call. We'll try to answer as many questions as possible.


  • Please be sure to clarify what, exactly, the "partial-birth" abortion ban bans. I have had a lot of conversations over the past week about this, and there seems to be a lot of confusion. Is it a very narrow law banning a specific procedure (intact D&E) or is it vague enough to encompass more?

    I would also like to hear the panel discuss the possible impact of Justice Ginsburg's dissent--which I read and was very moved by--on pro-choice legal advocacy.

    By Blogger Anna, at Wed Apr 25, 03:39:00 PM PDT  

  • I'm interested to learn how we can stop the Supreme Court from doing more things like this!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Apr 25, 04:03:00 PM PDT  

  • Given the lack of exception for a woman's health in the banning of the intact D&E procedure, I would like to hear some examples of scenarios in which the health of the woman would be at risk and where the best (or only) method would be an intact D&E.

    By Anonymous emma, at Wed Apr 25, 04:12:00 PM PDT  

  • How many "partial-birth" abortion procedures are (or were) done each year in the United States?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:08:00 PM PDT  

  • how is the "typical" abortion done? how would this procedure turn into a "partial birth" procedure? in other words under what conditions, or "mistakes" made, would a doctor have to bring the fetus out part way, the head or the trunk, before killing it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:15:00 PM PDT  

  • do you feel that a "conciensious objector" obgyn culture may develop from this? or are the legal ramifications too severe?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:19:00 PM PDT  

  • I am pro-life. What does the doctor see and feel when as she does an abortion on a living fetus.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:23:00 PM PDT  

  • As pro-choice Californians, how do we help other pro-choice advocates in more conservative states?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:23:00 PM PDT  

  • Which presidential candidate do you think will carry out a pro-choice agenda?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:25:00 PM PDT  

  • Amy (Everitt), you spoke quickly about the ban passed in North Dakota. Is this considered a "trigger law" and are these really consitutional?

    By Blogger Ky, at Thu Apr 26, 12:26:00 PM PDT  

  • How do we get a new generation of women and men involved in the struggle? More women of color, poor women, women who may feel disenfranchised from the movement?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:29:00 PM PDT  

  • For Joy O'Donnell: Wouldn't it be great if there was no need for abortions? Isn't more education about contraceptives a good option. Please comment.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:32:00 PM PDT  

  • What role does terminology play in this decision? How did words hurt the pro-choice movement?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Apr 26, 12:35:00 PM PDT  

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