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Monday, April 16, 2007

readers weigh in on stanton-what do you think?

I just wanted to draw attention to some of the many wonderful comments from our readers regarding Stanton's appearance on Larry King Live. It's great to see so many informed and impassioned people involved in the discussion.

Let's start off with an incredible comment submitted to Larry King Live by our very own Joy O'Donnell. Such goodness!!
As the Director of Education and Outreach for the National Sexuality Resource Center, I would like to point out that the discrimination Stanton is being subjected to is a violation of human rights and a result of the lack of informed, open, and shame free discussion about sex and gender that causes so many of our social catastrophes today.

The good news is that the tide is turning. The majority of America is on your side Steve Stanton. We've got your back and we won't back down. This is about equality and human decency and there is nothing more American than that. Visit sexliteracy.org and start talking."

More great comments, submitted by readers:

  • "The announcement is that she is NOT going to sue...it's the high road and, despite my passion for the cause, I'm inclined to agree...education will, in the long run, do more than a protracted court case..." -Robyn
  • "After having been to the Trans Health Conference in Philly as well as the IFGE (sp)... we remain amazed by the level of information exchange that is critical to the success of all of this. The varying levels of awareness and acceptance are so multifaceted that we can only attempt to reach important "audiences" with the information needed to aide in understanding from individual perspectives."-donna
  • And Lily McBeth from N.J. states "There are also instances where the superficial 'Tolerance' shown to the public by some institutions is corroded beneath the facade by 'Discreet Discrimination' and such should be exposed for what it truly is."
What do you think about Stanton's decision not to sue the city? Do you think this could provide an opportunity to make the American public aware of human rights issues facing the trans community?


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