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Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Jersey to recognize civil unions, not marriage

It looks as if New Jersey will not go the route of Massachusetts in recognizing same sex marriage, although the civil union route will remain open.

New Jersey Attorney General Stuart Rabner issued a formal opinion letter on February 16 stating his office's view that same-sex marriages from Massachusetts would be recognized in New Jersey as civil unions, not marriages - but would carry all the rights and benefits available to married couples under state law.

Gay marriage advocates are ambivalent about the news.
David Buckel, director of Lambda Legal's Marriage Project who litigated Lewis vs. Harris, has stated:

"This is a good news, bad news decision: same-sex couples should feel a lot of security knowing that their relationship's legal status is protected-the bad news is that the attorney general is not recognizing a marriage as a marriage," he said.

The ability for same-sex couples to receive equality under the law is a big step, although only one step along the road to real marriage equality. We gotta keep up the fight!


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