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Friday, February 16, 2007

Locker room blues

So Tim Hardaway has come out as a flaming homophobe. Woohoo. Another (straight) man afraid of dropped soap. Another (straight) man who thinks all the gay and down low guys are out to sneak a peak at his wiener – and not just any wiener, but that of the inventor of the crossover dribble.

I also felt disappointment to see someone so proudly embrace their hate. And see that queers remain one of the few social groups left in the US - Muslims and immigrants also come to mind – who it is ok to hate.

And then I got angry. I mean grow up. Is it such a big deal to be on a team – or work or go to school – someone who is openly gay? And it is the openly gay that is important here, for no doubt Hardaway has played – and showered – and interacted with any number of gay men without ever knowing they were gay.

Seems to me the bottom line in this that Tim Hardaway does not want to be checked out – or desired – or objectified - by (gay) men. No doubt Hardaway has never looked at a woman the way he fears the gay men look at him. Right.

The fact is humans are social creatures. We interact with all kinds of people, some quite like us, others quite different. We regularly get unsolicited - and sometimes – unwanted looks. Walking down the street. At the park and the beach, nearly as exposed as Hardaway in that dangerous locker room.


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