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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

City manager in Largo, FL to have sex change

The St. Petersburg Times has the scoop on the city manager of Largo, FL, Steve Stanton, who has decided to have a sex change to become a woman. The mayor, and boss, is standing by Stanton's decision. But that's not preventing the St. Petersburg Times from writing, in so many words, that he might want to be a woman, but he's no flamer!
Around Largo, Stanton is known for his forceful management style, a willingness to take on controversy and a zest for participating in masculine activities. (emphasis mine)

In recent years, for example, he has donned a bulletproof vest to go along on a police raid of a nightclub and broke his nose participating in SWAT training. Within the last week, he rappelled inside the dome at Tropicana Field during a fire department training exercise and dug up a median near a fire station as part of a public works project.
The 'zest' makes me blush. Shouldn't the qualification for city manager be how well you do the job? Not whether you broke your nose in SWAT training? I wonder if publicizing these hyper-masculine stories was part of his/her press strategy for staying in office. Hillsborough county did go for Bush in 2004, 53-46.


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