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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A major American sexuality research finding? Reported only in India

Guess what? Couples who live together unmarried are pretty much like married couples. So says some new research presented at this year's American Sociological Association meeting in Montreal.

Living with a person may still be considered to be an alternative lifestyle, but as a new study shows, most couples who live together outside the bounds of matrimony are about as conventional as married couples when it comes to their relationship, pursuing careers and household chores.

As a part of the study, a team led by sociologist Sharon Sassler, associate professor of policy analysis and management in the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University, interviewed 30 cohabiting working-class couples, and found that most still comply with traditional patterns throughout their relationships, including the initiation of the first date, moving in together and discussing marriage.

But where was this reported in the American press? Given the hullabaloo about the sanctity of marriage here, you'd think this would be front page news. Besides the National Sexuality Resource Center's news feed, you'd be hard pressed to find the story anywhere. Thank goodness for the Hindustan Times!

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