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Friday, August 04, 2006

Beard trimming

Who knew beards were still used in this day and age? The New York Times took on the subject in of all places- the fashion section. And the article attempts an exploratory, sympathetic lean towards the married (to women) men who have sex with men. After at least one high profile and explosive divorce last year of a woman married to a man on the "down low", it is refreshing to see the subject examined from a less emotionally charged place when trying to answer the big "why?".
For gay men in heterosexual marriages, even after the status quo becomes unbearable, the pull of domestic life remains powerful. Many are desperate to preserve their marriages- to continue reaping the emotional and financial support of wives, and domestic pleasures like tucking children in at night."
Included in the article is the introduction of a phrase- closed loop relationship, which is a type of polyamorous setup that allows for two monogamous relationships to be held by the man in the relationship. Other variations of polyamorous arrangements are not mentioned. The married (to men) women who have sex with women were not included in this article.

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