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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Issue Number 964 | Big gay love | Advocate.com:

Well, I'm not sure why this is a gay issue, per se, I mean, any time three or more people are in a romantic relationship, there's some homo going on, barring some creative gender identity transitions; I guess I'm glad they're covering the issue though, give the big yawn of Big Love.

When Pete Chvany feels like kissing his partner Alan Hamilton on the front lawn of their home in Somerville, Mass., he doesn’t really care what the neighbors think. And he doesn’t mind if Hamilton then gives a kiss to his wife of 22 years, Pepper Greene, or to Hamilton’s other male partner, Woody Glenn.

“Anyone who’s watching is getting an eyeful,” says Chvany, who has been involved in the polyamorous relationship for nine years. “We are out to people in our neighborhood. In effect, Alan has three partners, and we are all his family.”

The quartet are among an unknown number of people in the gay and lesbian population who are in a relationship with more than one partner,
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