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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Good As You: Westboro to picket SBC's raging 'gay-friendliness'

Westboro to picket Southern Baptist Convention's raging 'gay-friendliness'

Ok, WBC's ragingly offensive, but it's hilarious, and apparently mostly all true:

When Southern Baptist Convention delegates head to their annual soiree in Greensboro, NC tonight, they will be greeted by folks from Westboro Baptist Church, who'll be on hand to "picket the idolatrous Southern Baptist Convention as they worship the 10-foot graven image of Billy Graham." Primarily becasue of what they consider Graham's soft stance on homosexuality, Westboro declares via press release that "[t]he worshippers (Southern Baptists) and the worshippee (Billy Graham) are all Hell-bound heretics."

::sigh:: When are we gonna stop this senseless Baptist on Baptist hate? Girls, you're both pretty...disapproving of us. Shouldn't that be a uniter, not a divider? Honestly.

It remains to be seen how the SBC will respond to the Westboro protesters; however, our Southern roots lead us to predict that they'll smile and be nice to their faces but then proceed to talk about them behind their backs. All Greensboro gays who are looking for a place where they can get disapproved of indoors and also crazily cast off to Hell outdoors, then go check out the scene and report back.

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