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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pharyngula: Evolution and homosexuality

Pharyngula: Evolution and homosexuality

I posted earlier about the Roughgarden book, and today found this *smart* piece discussing it. I certainly hope (but don't have his optimism) that evolutionary biologists are the flexible thinkers he says they are...

Here's a tidbit, but the whole post is worth reading!
Go ahead and read the article; I think Roughgarden makes a good case that this has considerable utility in social groups, and she's done some modeling that shows that this is, theoretically, a valid path to stable communities. There are objections that this requires group selection, which always puts an idea on shaky ground, but it seems to me that a willingness to settle problems erotically rather than in risky combat would also have possibilities of direct advantage to the individual.

Where I have reservations, though, is that it is a conclusion drawn from the premise that a common feature must have a genetic component. I don't see that. Show me that homosexuality is genetically heritable, and then this will be a more likely hypothesis.

Still, I generally agree with the idea that sexual activity is about far more than just reproduction. I think you'd be very hard pressed to find any biologist who finds that in the least controversial.
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