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Friday, August 29, 2008

sarah palin: a woman candidate--not the same as a woman's candidate

The news is out. McCain picked Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his VP candidate today. A shrewd move, considering how suburban moms were, in large part, the swing votes who pushed W. into office during his reign. Obama represents change? Great, let's get a woman. Historic first-time run for an African-American presidential candidate? We'll see your diversity and raise you an XX (nevermind Geraldine Ferraro). Disgruntled Hilary Clinton backers up for grabs? Dazzle 'em with some vajayjay.

Karl Rove, the evil mastermind schemer behind all of the "seemed like a good idea at the time" Republican plots, summed it up on Foxs News this morning like this:

"It would be a clear sign from the McCain campaign that they were going to be making a very strong bid for the women whom they see up for grabs -- both the traditional, swing independent suburbanites and then the Hillary Clinton supporters who remain disillusioned."

Yea. For a moment I was dazzled by the vajayjay. It was sparkly, it was pretty...it looked like mine. Surely it has my best interests at heart. Vajayjays are on the same team, right?

Except Karl Rove, John McCain and his camp of advisors--and perhaps Gov. Palin as well--made the same crucial mistake they've made when it comes to truly representing women all along. Take note:

It might look like vajayjay. It might smell like vajayjay. But that doesn't mean it is vajayjay.

Sarah Palin is anti-choice. Sarah Palin 'believes' in creationism. Alaska is currently considering re-upping for Title V funds for abstinence-only sex 'education.' And Palin supports federal anti-gay marriage legislation.

So what this says to me is that McCain & Co. just think that I, and others like me, am not that smart. That folks that believed in Hilary believed in her just because she's a woman, not because she has staunchly support issues that support women's equality, access and health. That a vote for Obama now, who supports a host of progressive woman-friendly issues, would be less feminist than a vote for Gov. Palin. That unless someone looks like me, they can't speak to my issues. That all I am to them is a vajayjay. Well, one with a hell of a lot of voting power. Saw this video after my blog post, and couldn't help but add it in:

I'm not buying it. And neither should you.

Obama is my woman. And my man. Voting for him is, by far, the best thing that I could do for women--um, and everyone else.

Governor Palin? Just another dude with a gun.

[note: I do not mean to demean or besmirch or essentialize women or their genitalia in any way by my use of the word vajayjay. My three year old son knows anatomy, and will announce in the grocery store that Mama has a clitoris. I do. It's my genitalia referent of preference. But come on, the word vajayjay is funny. Read about its recent history in the NYTimes article by Stephanie Rosenbloom. ]

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