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Friday, July 18, 2008

McCain's stumped on his sexual positions, but Brave New Films has it on tape

Brave New Films, who creates funny, well-made films on a bunch of progressive issues, has an amazing site called The Real Mccain that envisions a Brave (make that Cowardly) New World a la McCain. McCain, who last year admitted he's "stumped" on whether or not contraceptives help prevent the spread of HIV, has also voted against access to abortion and emergency contraception, against health care access for low income and immigrant women and numerous other progressive sexuality issues. Not so surprising for a Republican candidate, but it's a little disconcerting when he a) doesn't know if there's a connection between contraception and HIV prevention and b) has to ask his aide what his position on the issue is. Alright, maybe it was kind of a trick question: contraceptives are technically anything that prevents pregnancy--and though all condoms are contraceptives, and male and female condoms prevent HIV transmission, not all contraceptives (like the pill or diaphragms) prevent HIV transmission. This is called a fallacy of composition, for anyone who cares anything about math or is about to take the SATs. If you're interested in things like this, please contact me. I haven't balanced my checkbook since 2001. (Do people do that anymore?)

Not that we want a presidential candidate who is a mathlete or anything. Or even reporters who know the difference between contraceptives as a class and barrier methods like condoms in particular. What would be nice in a presidential candidate would be someone who actually knew what his own position (I'll bet it's missionary) and votes were on things like contraceptives, HIV transmission and sex education. Which is why I love The Real McCain: because even if John can't tell you where he stands on the issues, they can. Here's my favorite clip, talking about comprehensive sex education:

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