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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My "Why I Love AASECT: Top 10 List"

Last week I turned 37....and unlike a lot of women my age, I actually can't wait to be 40. 40, contrary to public opinion, is not "the new 30"....turning 40 is about settling into, knowing and celebrating oneself better than ever. If there's any doubt about this, just look at the fabulous ladies of Sex and the City..... and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists of course.

It seems bizarre to imagine that AASECT was formed only 3 years before I came into the world. Then again, it wasn't even 100 years ago that we would all have been arrested for doing this work publicly. We've come a long way in many ways thanks to AASECT.

This year AASECT celebrates 40 years of leadership in expanding knowledge, practice and professional networking in the fields of sexuality education, counseling, therapy and health care provision.

And so...as I sit here in New Orleans at the 40th Annual AASECT Conference, "The Rhythm of Our Roots: 40 Years of Sexuality Education and Health Celebrated Through Song, Story, and Science" thinking of the numbers of people who have had their lives change for the better because of this organization, I ask myself... just what does one give back as a present to a 40 year old organization that has helped increase pleasure and decrease suffering for untold numbers of people?

Well, being the historian of sexuality that I am....I can't help but think that it would be pretty remarkable, inspiring and fun to get people (AASECT members, soon to be members, etc...) to list their top 10 reasons for loving AASECT. So let's just do it....and put it all together in a giant e-scrapbook wrapped in a big red bow so that when they are celebrating the 100 year anniversary they can look back at fabulous 40 and know what we all know.....

I love AASECT because....

10. it enforces the highest professional standards/ethics in educating and certifying members
9. it is one of the only organizations that prioritizes certifying sexuality professionals
8. it was founded by an amazing, inspirational and powerful woman, Patricia Schiller, MA, JD
7. it is turning green this year! (if I'm not mistaken, it's the first sexuality organization to do so)
6. of the fantastic mentorship opportunities and web resources it provides
5. it is committed to lifelong sexual health, pleasure, happiness and well being
4. it values science
3. it embraces interfaith dialogue in the quest to provide sexual understanding and healing
2. the conferences are impeccably planned and executed. Not to mention FUN!
1. AASECT members are courageous, committed, supportive and yes, sexy (I had to say it!~)

Why do YOU love AASECT?

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