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Monday, December 03, 2007

"Greening" sexuality

NoPornNorthampton, an anti-porn community organization based in Northampton, Massachusetts, advocates for "the concept of sustainable sexuality -- "green sexuality" -- characterized by long-term, mutually respectful relationships between two equals."

It's a fascinating concept and reflects some new thinking in the anti-porn movement.

Before our loyal readers tear me apart, I think it's worth exploring this concept a bit more in good faith. Here at American Sexuality Magazine and the National Sexuality Resource Center, we are debating constantly about whether or not porn is ok. Some of us reject porn on a purely moral or religious ground, some of us reject porn on feminist grounds by saying that it demeans women. Others support porn (some porn) on feminist grounds for the fact that it empowers women to determine their own sexual destiny and one shouldn't interfere with that, and others support porn because they see it as a natural part of human sexuality.

Until now, I hadn't heard the 'green sexuality' argument, and it's striking me as another interesting way to approach the porn argument. I'm all for new and interesting ways to approach sexuality because it's clearer and clearer that we need new ways to think about sexuality, sexual health, and sexual expression. More new thinking raises the quality of the discussion from one of hate and vitriol to one of honest and open discussion. Kudos, NoPornNorthampton, thanks for adding something positive to the discussion.