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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tyra Banks: America's Next Top Sex Educator?

I must admit that one of my guilty pleasures right now is 'America's Next Top Model.' (Yes, my life is that boring).

I'm not proud of this, but, there is just something so joy-inducing about gorging on carbs and full calorie beer while watching 19 year old waifs get into bitch fights. I love the dramatic goofiness of Tyra and watching the slightly awkward (and endearing) Miss Jay show those little girls how to work it on the runway.

Though I love ANTM, as us real fans refer to it, I had never seen the Tyra Banks Show. So I have to thank YouTube and Perez Hilton (another guilty pleasure) for leading me to this amazing clip from a show devoted to women's health with Tyra's special guest...the Vulva Puppet.

Check it out:

Top that Oprah!


  • I too am a total sucked for ANTM (go Heather!), but though Tyra occasionally has her good moments (like this clip), overall her attitudes towards sex - and especially women who enjoy it "too much" and women who work in the sex industry - is less than positive.

    My pal Violet Blue was on an episode of her show all about women and porn, and Tyra definitely showed that she wasn't so sex positive at all.

    There's a clip from the show on Fleshbot: http://fleshbot.com/sex/video/how-to-fake-an-orgasm-in-porn-or-not-309235.php

    Violet has also written about her experience on the show extensively on her blog:http://www.tinynibbles.com/blogarchives/2007/09/tyra_banks_show_not_americas_n_1.html

    By Blogger Audacia Ray, at Fri Nov 09, 06:18:00 AM PST  

  • Many years ago, when I was in high school, I asked my mother for a vulva puppet for Christmas. I asked her each year for at least five years, always answered by, "Seriously, are you fucking kidding me." Haha.

    I forgot that I can afford one myself now!!! PSYCHED !!!

    By Blogger lilah, at Mon Nov 12, 02:36:00 PM PST  

  • Thanks for the link to Violet's blog, Audacia. I have to say I'm not surprised about Tyra or the show and i hope that Violet is not too traumatized by the experience!

    I agree that the 'vulva puppet' show was one of Tyra's good moments. I especially love that they showed Tyra holding a woman's hand while she got her first pap smear. Her show(s)do smack of self-righteousness and I'm pretty sure that her opinions about sex and gender differ pretty significantly from mine.

    And the things I love about ANTM are the things that make me feel so guilty watching it...the bitchy competition, the embarrassing photo gaffes, the pastor's daughter being peer-pressured into posing with an almost naked dude.

    On, the other hand, right on Oprah for publishing what sounds like a pretty great article about porn..can you send us a link to that?

    By Blogger Anna Rose, at Tue Nov 13, 01:45:00 PM PST  

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