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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Guliani: The king of awkward flip flops

It was lame enough that former New York Yankees fan and presidential hopeful Rudy Guliani came out of the closet as a Red-Sox fan during a swing through New Hampshire. But now, we've got a better reason to blush for Rudy's soul.

The New York Daily News, which rightly has a bone to pick with Guliani after he flipflopped on the Yankees, has quoted Guliani as saying:

"I took a city that was known for pornography and licked it to a large extent."

Many New Yorkers also remember Guliani's tenure having been speckled with licking pornography, ;).

On a more serious note, it's a shame that instead of talking about good governance and reducing crime during his NYC tenure, Guliani has begun to tout his record on "licking pornography." The Republican Presidential primary's "I hate gays, porn, and women more than the other candidates" contest makes me sick.


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