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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

National AIDS Strategy

More than 100 organizations called for a National AIDS Strategy. After all these years in the epidemic we still don't have one and the number of people that are being infected every year is not going down. Having given up on Bush, and who hasn't, they call
AIDS is a national crisis. The next President of the U.S. should develop a results-oriented AIDS strategy.

You can be part of this effort and sign the petition for a National AIDS Strategy.
Senator Edwards is the first of the presidential candidates to support this effort.

That is very good to see. Who can forget his vice-presidential debate with Dick Cheney. Gwen Ifill asked both men to talk about African American women's increased exposure to HIV. Don't talk about African women, she said, African American women, you know, who live in this country. Neither men could do it and it was a shameful moment (one of many to follow for Cheney to be sure). Edwards has learned and that gives me hope. I imagine that he actually did feel ashamed then and now is part of the action. What little hope we hold on to sometimes, when it comes to our national leaders.

Via POZ: Health, Life and HIV

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