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Monday, April 09, 2007

Sexy food

Sex and food go together like Bert and Ernie. (Aren't you glad I didn't use a contrived food metaphor like 'bread and butter' or 'peas and carrots')

It's the interplay of the sensual, I think, that makes almost any food an aphrodisiac. Diane Ackerman, author of 'A Natural History of the Senses' agrees with me: "Looked at in the right light," she writes,"any food might be thought aphrodisiac."

Food is also about power. Look no further than the Food-for-Sex scandal in Western Africa a couple of years ago. Many people in our world have to struggle everyday to put food on the table, and some resort to sex to make ends meet.

We'll be blogging this week about food and sex, and how they interact. If you've got any suggestions for topics, or would like to write a blog yourself, just email me at isaacg AT sfsu.edu.


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