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Monday, June 05, 2006

Dangerous Diversions

It's not just Bush.....Today, fully one half of the American people do not believe gay and lesbian families should have access to the full rights, privileges and responsibilities that civil marriage allows. Most Americans....including many gay people themselves do not even begin to get what this lack of equality means for themselves and society more broadly.

Bill Frist, Bush and cronies say that the future of children and family itself rests on the exclusion of gay and lesbian families from marriage. This is their big rally cry....their a la carte issue of the day.... the one they keep using and abusing to stir hatred in their supporters.... Much like Hitler and the Nazis did when they said that Jews required extermination so as not to taint the gene pool of perfect Aryan families....

Seems ridiculously stupid.....but it is not....it is completely strategic and venomous in ways that most people do not even begin to understand....a kind of deep historical hatred that keeps bubbling back up....time and time again whenever needed....to unite those who would consider themselves better than others.

At a time when people are being genocidally slaughtered in Darfur, blown up in Iraq, eliminated by AIDS (even after 25 years of the disease) and unable en masse to access quality healthcare or basic literacy....conservatives are focused on writing, for the first time in U.S. history, discrimination against a specific category of Americans into the Constitution....

They should be ashamed....but are not.

And our side is being WAY too forgiving about it.


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