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Monday, May 15, 2006

TownOnline.com - Local News: No go for Logo

TownOnline.com - Local News: No go for Logo:
PROVINCETOWN - Only a few weeks before filming was suppose to start LOGO, a gay and lesbian cable network, decided to axe the idea of a Provincetown based reality show. The network, which currently has about 10 million viewers across the country, never actually bought the idea for "P'town" from Go-Go Lucky Productions, but gave every indication that they were interested, say those close to the show. "Two weeks ago they called asking for images for their website," said Bill Schneider, Provincetown tourism director who worked closely with the production crew while they were in Provincetown this past winter. "To us, all the indicators said that they were moving to a green light." But late last week Schneider received a call from a tearful Jennifer Lane, the producer from Go-Go Lucky that was pitching the show, with the news that the reality show would not become a reality.

Well, I guess America's penchant for reality television has some limits, after all. Wonder if they feared they couldn't raise enough ad revenue?

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